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The Benefits of Tennis Court Cleaning

Most people don’t realize this but proper maintenance of tennis court is just as important to a quality game as having the right person to play against or the right racquet. The right net and play surface makes for an ideal ensemble to play tennis. But like everything else in the world, it requires some work to keep it looking great and to ensure that it provides you with a great area to play the game.

Through the use of pressure cleaning equipment you can help get rid of most stains on the surface of your tennis court. There are even commercial pressure cleaning and Tennis court cleaning companies throughout Brisbane that you can call on to do the work for you.
The first rule of business is simple. Keep the tennis court clean. By sweeping away dirt and debris from the court on a daily basis, you’re helping yourself to avoid doing less maintenance work down the line. Plus, daily cleaning keeps the court’s surface from breaking down. However, you have to know what to use when sweeping. A conventional broom is not always the best answer. Try opting for a push broom or a water broom to clean the surface of the tennis court. This will prevent you from accidently damaging the court with too much scrubbing or sweeping.

Set up a cleaning schedule. When you examine your court, check for things like cracks or depressions on the surface. It’s also possible that you will find blisters begin to form on the surface as well. This can sometimes be due to a lot of different factors, though humidity and direct sunlight are the most common reasons. One way that you can prevent cracks from forming or getting worse is to use herbicides in areas where you see weeds starting to break through.

Of course the surface of the tennis court isn’t the only thing you need to keep an eye on. The net that divides the court between two opponents must be cared for. If there is too much tension on each side of the poles where the net is tied to, this could ultimately damage the post that it is attached to.

Most tennis courts have walls of shrubbery or plants. Plants need watering but make sure that you or the person you hire to water the plants doesn’t go crazy with that hose. If water starts to pool in different areas of the tennis court you might end up with watermarks or unsightly stains that will ruin the look of your court.

Another thing to consider is heavy foot traffic. A tennis court that isn’t fenced is likely to get a lot of people walking through the court. Foot traffic has a way of wearing down the surface of the court, not to mention the fact that it is super annoying for tennis players when people are cutting across the field. You can avoid this by fencing the tennis court area. Not only will you keep the humans that don’t belong on the court away but also animals like dogs from coming in. Dogs can be an unexpected nuisance because they tend to urinate or defecate on the surface of the court. This means that you’ll ultimately have the dubious task of cleaning Fido’s mess up and if it sets in it can damage the surface.

Maintaining a regular cleaning regimen can extend the life and appearance of your tennis court for many years to come.

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