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      Looking after our planet is very important to us, that is why we are certified as an eco-friendly business.

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    The Best School Ground Cleaning Specialists in Brisbane

    Playgrounds, sports areas and walkways in school grounds are subject to a lot of abuse – chewing gum, food and general dirt build up over time and affect the overall appearance of the grounds and buildings. With school pressure cleaning we aim to remove the dirt and gradual build­up to maintain the cleanliness of school grounds, walkways and play . We offer appointments outside of normal school and business hours, including evenings and weekends – to keep the site clean without interfering with lessons, distracting pupils and maintaining the day­to­day running of the school environment.

    • Benefits of Pressure Cleaning

      School pressure cleaning in Brisbane is carried out using hot water pressure cleaners which can remove the majority of built-up dirt, including chewing gum, mud and other stains all of which are prevalent on school grounds. The pressure cleaning restores concrete, pavers and hard surfaces to their original state – removing layers of dirt which is not usually noticed as the colour changes gradually over time.

      Clean school grounds create a better working environment and safety for both staff and students and increase the pride individuals feel toward the school . Clean and presentable school grounds and buildings are also likely to affect the surrounding area, including property prices, general reputation and parent’s choice of school. For all your pressure cleaning needs for schools in Brisbane and Gold Coast call us or email via quote Page.

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      Our commitment to you when providing School Pressure Cleaning Services
      • Our school ground cleaning specialist will have the knowledge and experience to clean all types of concrete surfaces
      • We use eco-friendly cleaning products, protecting both your health and the environment
      • We’re available 7 days a week and in the evenings for minimal disruption to businesses
      • We can fully remove carbon deposits, dirt and graffiti from a variety of surfaces
      • Our school ground cleaners will come fully equipped, fully insured and prepared to clean any concrete surface.
      • All safety procedures followed as per swms and all msds supplied for all chemicals used.

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