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    Pressure Cleaning Paddington

    At MKL Pressure Washing, we are skilled in cleaning services and offer pressure cleaning in Paddington. Located north of the river and west of the city of Brisbane, Paddington has an interesting mix of older homes and brilliant architecture. It can be said it’s the best parts of Sydney, and Melbourne, all packaged into the perfect Brisbane weather. 

    With a mix of residents including some eclectic tastes that have sparked unique and individually styled homes. With a wide choice of premium cafe’s, restaurants and outstanding period homes. To keep your home looking its absolute best, contact MKL Pressure Washing for all your needs in pressure washing in Paddington. 

    Home Pressure Washing Paddington

    Keeping your home cleaned is the ideal way to deal with deterioration due to dirt and bright sun filled days. Heavily soiled areas of your home are unsightly and can damage your homes curb appeal and lower its overall value.

    When pressure washing in Paddington, we pay special attention to the soft areas of your home and make sure these are protected. This may involve using lower pressure water washing at a colder temperature. We analyse each home and determine the best settings, so your home is cared for and treated in the manner it deserves.

    Roof & Gutter Pressure Cleaning Paddington

    Our cleaning professionals use a system known as Softwashing, that helps preserve even the most fragile and aged roofing structures. Softwashing is well known for its ability to remove solid deposits on roofs, these include algae, fungi and lichen.

    Your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it requires roof and gutter cleaning every 12 months to keep it in the best condition and stop dirt and debris causing it to fail during storms and other weather systems.

    Driveway & Path Pressure Cleaning Paddington

    At MKL Pressure Cleaning we are able to bring your driveway to a new looking condition. On most driveways, and depending on their condition, we’ll use hot water and a high pressure, this makes sure that all the dirt is cleared out and you are left with a pristine driveway, ready for your pride and joy.

    We are also able to take care of any paths, or other concrete areas that need just that little bit of extra care, to elevate them to what they should be looking like.

    Graffiti Pressure Cleaning Paddington

    Although not all areas in Brisbane suffer from graffiti, it can be seen in most suburbs. We are able to use high pressure washing to clean off even the most stubborn graffiti. Our pressure washers can take care of all forms of materials favoured by vandals, including paint and markers.

    If you have any graffiti on your premises, then call us for a free quote on removal.

    About MKL Pressure Cleaning

    MKL Pressure Cleaning has been keeping all suburbs of Brisbane clean and tidy for many years. There is almost nothing that we haven’t cleaned! In our business there are three main points that set us apart from the others:

    1. Eco-Friendly – We only use certified eco-friendly cleaning chemicals
    2. Attention to Detail – Our team is highly trained to identify all problems areas of a cleaning job
    3. Guaranteed Results – Our work is our business, we a hundred percent stand behind our work, we won’t stop until you’re happy!

    Feel free to contact us for a free quote on all your pressure cleaning requirements.