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    Pressure Cleaning Wynnum

    At MKL Pressure Washing, we are skilled in cleaning services and offer pressure cleaning in Wynnum. 

    Wynnum is a charming bay side suburb, although it’s reasonably close to the city, about 45 minutes, it can be the perfect getaway for many of Brisbane City’s residents. The suburb is packed with excellent places to eat, and offer a pristine white sand beach, including a water park. 

    However, being so close to the sea, it can affect your home as salty air can settle on your home and affect you guttering with higher than usual rates of corrosion. Having a regular cleaning schedule will help in avoiding any problems caused by salt.

    Home Pressure Washing Wynnum

    We offer our services in home washing to Wynnum, as it’s the ideal way to protect your home from all manner of dirt and debris that can harm your residence. Having your home regularly cleaned is the best way to stop it being affected by natural elements.

    Our technicians and the machines they use are capable of cleaning hard surfaces, and yet gentle enough to treat wood and painted surfaces. We are experts at what we do and treat all our client’s home with the care and attention that they deserve.

    Roof & Gutter Pressure Cleaning Wynnum

    By using our softwash system, we can care for the most fragile of roofing, this means that we are able to clean all roofs and structures, regardless of their age and condition. We will clear your roof of all nasties that you’d rather be without, including, lichen, algae, and fungi.


    Having your gutters and roof cleaned on a regular basis can keep it in prime condition; and it is highly important if you are collecting water from the roof, as this will lower the contaminants going into your system.

    Driveway & Path Pressure Cleaning Wynnum

    We are able to take care of your driveway and return it to a condition that will make it appear new again. By using high pressure and hot water we can clear high levels of dirt and debris from your driveway.

    We can also clean any other concrete areas, and have you wanting to use them again for the entertainment areas they were designed for.

    Graffiti Pressure Cleaning Wynnum

    Graffiti can be called the cancer of any suburb; it’s unsightly and can ruin the valuation of any home or business. Nobody wants to go near the home that is covered in the scrawlings of the local vandal.

    It can turn your home from a place to be admired to a place that everyone avoids. If you have graffiti on your home, call us for a free quote to remove the offensive materials.

    About MKL Pressure Cleaning

    We have been busy keeping the suburbs of Brisbane clean and free from graffiti for many years. We are yet to see an area that couldn’t be improved by a treatment from our high-pressure equipment. We know that there are three main points that separate our business form the others, and these are:

    1. Eco-Friendly – We strongly believe that business should limit their environmental impact
    2. Attention to Detail – Our highly trained team can examine all jobs and give advice on what needs extra attention 
    3. Guaranteed Results – We won’t sign off on a job until our clients are satisfied in the work completed 

    If you need any cleaning done in your area, please contact us for a free quote.

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