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Practical and affordable house washing that revitalises the look of your home

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    A Logan house after an exterior house washing from MKL

    We’re experts in gentle exterior house cleaning in Logan

    Keeping your home clean with a regular house soft wash helps to extend the life of your house’s exterior finishes so you can avoid those costly repair bills. Our soft washing specialists use tried and tested techniques and biodegradable cleaning solutions that protect your home and make it sparkle.


    Before and after of an exterior house wash in Logan

    Give your house a refreshed look with a detailed clean

    Whether you have a modern home on acreage or an old Queenslander right in the hustle and bustle of Logan Central, exterior house pressure cleaning will give your home a refreshed look and feel. The key is our advanced formula cleaning solutions, which are soft on surfaces and the environment but get to work lifting dirt, dust, debris, carbon deposits, and particulates that have settled on the exterior of your home.

    MKL Pressure Cleaning truck full of equipment

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    Our expert cleaning process is one of many differences from our competitors. You will also love the attention we put into our customer service, and it starts with a no-obligation, free quote.

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    How our Logan house washing services can benefit you

    • Revitalise your home

      Take the tiredness out of your home with a low-pressure washing on your exterior walls and give it a fresh look. Our cleaning services will give your home more sparkle.

    • Avoid costly repaints

      A pressure clean will add years of life to your exterior finishes and help identify any problem areas before you’re faced with massive repair bills.

    • Increase the appeal of your home

      You will not be the only one to notice the difference after a house washing. Your neighbours will notice the difference too. Everyone will see your Logan property through fresh eyes.

    • Add value on resale

      The first impression counts when it comes to getting the best price for your home. So, increasing the visual appeal of your property with a pressure washing service before going to market will add value.

    Why choose us for your next pressure cleaning

    Expertise and experience are the keys when house washing because it’s that know-how about the type of surfaces you’re cleaning and what you’re taking off that makes the difference. Also;

    Qualified cleaning technicians

    We have qualified and fully insured cleaners at every job site in Logan. Our team has the know-how to protect your home and property investment throughout the washing process.

    Eco-friendly cleaning solutions

    Our cleaning solutions are essential for an effective soft wash of your home. The advanced formula is gentle on exterior services and the environment but powerful in lifting dust, dirt, mould, and debris. Our unique solution is entirely biodegradable and does zero harm to the environment around your home.


    We offer homeowners in Logan a free quote because we know our service is value for money.   We also provide a superior product and competitive pricing. Our house pressure washing services save you time and money and add longevity to your exterior wall finishes.

    Before and after photos of exterior house washing in Logan

    Specialists in house washing in Logan

    The city of Logan experienced rapid development, so many homes used the popular exterior materials of the time. Our experienced cleaning professionals know how to treat different surfaces for the best results, using the tried and tested methods we have used across Logan and Browns Plains for years. This experience has also taught us what to watch out for and what should and shouldn’t be happening with your exterior walls.

    Our house washing professionals know how to remove dirt, dust, vehicle particulates from traffic, mould, mildew, and debris from exterior walls and external fixtures. The major pollutants that stick to your walls will depend on the type of surface, your location in the Logan area, and the time of year. A seasoned professional knows exactly how to clean houses efficiently and effectively without causing damage.

    Our house-washing process

    We have a tried-and-tested pressure washing service in Logan that cleans and prevents damage to your home.

    • Inspect your home

      Before touching your house, we comprehensively inspect what areas need attention or a gentle touch of hand washing for the most effective cleaning.

    • Protect any electrical fittings

      Your electrical fittings that might be affected by pressure washing are covered and protected.

    • Seal doors and windows

      Before turning on a hose, our technicians will inspect and block doorways and windows to ensure no water intrusion into your home.

    • Apply biodegradable cleaning solution

      The key to effectively soft washing your home is applying the proper cleaning solution that lifts dirt, grime, particulates from motor vehicles, mould, mildew and anything else stuck to your exterior walls.

    • Scrub down

      While the biodegradable cleaning solution does most of the work, the more heavily affected areas will need an extra gentle touch.

    • Through rinse

      Once cleaned, the whole house is rinsed off.

    • Quality check

      We inspect every square metre of the house to ensure we remove everything. It’s all part of our superior customer service and quality control.

    MKL Pressure Cleaning truck full of equipment

    Get a free quote

    Our expert cleaning process is one of many differences from our competitors. You will also love the attention we put into our customer service, and it starts with a no-obligation, free quote.

    Get your Free Quote today!

    Why can’t I wash my house myself?

    Unfortunately, house pressure cleaning is not that simple. An inexperienced operator using water at high pressure can cause significant damage to exterior walls that can’t always be seen until long-term issues such as mildew and rot appear. Alternatively, more than a garden hose is needed for most cleaning jobs.

    The exterior walls are your home’s first line of defence, and ruining the integrity of the seals can cause rot and mould to take hold in your home. We use a technique to ensure the integrity of your exterior surfaces, and our detailed inspections can help identify potential problems.

    We also use specialised eco-friendly solutions formulated to lift debris, dirt, and deposits and soft wash your home. Our pressure cleaning services rely on this powerful yet gentle solution.


    What do you mean by attention to detail?

    When house washing and pressure cleaning in Logan, paying attention to the types of surfaces we are cleaning, the condition of the surface areas, and the type of pollutants that must be removed is essential. It’s know-how that comes from experience.

    We bring all our pressure cleaning experience to your house washing in Logan. So, throughout our process, we can pay particular attention to where it’s needed.

    What other pressure-clearing services do we provide?

    As fully qualified, professional cleaners, we can provide soft washing and high-pressure cleaning services on external structures and surfaces around your Logan home.

    • Driveway cleaning

      Driveways can take a beating, but they can also harbour moulds and slimes. The mould makes them a fall hazard, can break down concrete, and discolour the surface. Our high-pressure tools bring the driveway surface back to looking like new.

    • Gutter cleaning

      We have the necessary know-how for cleaning where there are risks of falls, such as in roof gutters. Clogged gutters not only force water into places it shouldn’t go, but any blocking debris can also fuel any fire that threatens your home.

    • Roof cleaning

      Our roof cleaning services provide a comprehensive and careful wash, no matter the roof’s surface or condition. Our fully insured roof cleaning professionals take extra care in risky environments where a fall from height is possible.

    • Garage cleaning

      Oil, grease and other chemicals can quickly turn the concrete on a garage floor or car park into an irreversible mess. Our high-pressure water hoses and cleaners can help to bring your garage back to looking its best in no time.

    • Pool area cleaning

      If you have a pool on your Logan property, you know how quickly it can turn from a beautiful home feature into a maintenance nightmare. Regular cleaning by our specialists can help keep it a much-loved feature without the detailed work.

    • Patio & balcony cleaning

      Our outdoor lifestyle in Logan means outdoor areas are extensions of our living areas and should be as safe and clean as other high-traffic, common home areas. Our cleaners can ensure your outdoor concrete is kept as good as new.

    Man washing a house in Brisbane

    What is soft washing?

    Your home is not a driveway, and it cannot take the punishment of high-pressure cleaning where dirt, dust, and debris are blasted off surfaces.

    Our pressure-clearing experts can clean almost anything on any surface, from brick to concrete to painted timber. Our expertise and experience in Logan’s pressure cleaning industry means we know the techniques to wash your home effectively.

    Our service commitment to homeowners in Logan

    • We always have an experienced on-site cleaner for exterior house cleaning in Logan.
    • We will be available and able to deliver cleaning services anytime, seven days a week, at a time that suits your schedule.
    • Our fully insured house washers will have all the necessary equipment to get the job done.
    • We will remove almost any pollutants from surfaces, including carbon deposits and graffiti.
    • Our cleaning team will follow all safety standards and requirements to the industry’s expectations and governing bodies.
    • We will only use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions around your home.

    Frequently asked question

    In Brisbane, washing a small to medium-sized house could take two to four hours, depending on the cleaning regimen. The environfment of South East Queensland can promote mould growth on some surfaces, making it more time-consuming to remove effectively.

    At MKL Pressure Cleaning, we can give you an accurate time frame for house washing in Brisbane once we are given the home size and the condition and make of the external walls.

    High-pressure water is used in manufacturing to cut through metal.  We don’t use anywhere near that pressure in house washing in Brisbane, but there is the potential to damage walls if you don’t know what you are doing.  You should never try high-pressure washing of your home yourself; instead, hire a professional such as MKL Pressure Cleaning.

    We know what to look for and can adjust pressure and technique accordingly.  Regular cleaning can also extend the life of your external walls by removing corrosive pollutants.  Finally, regular washing  of the wall can reveal any damage to your wall before they become expensive repairs, such as wood rot.

    At MKL Pressure Cleaning, we have a flat hourly rate for washing houses in Brisbane.  There are no hidden fees and you get an up front and clear cost before we get started.  The cost depends on the size of the home and the condition of the external walls.

    You can get a quick, free and no-obligation quote right now.

    No.  We only require access to water.  So if your taps are behind a locked gate, you need to have them unlocked while we are on-site to clean your external walls. 

    No.  We have the experience, and have seen all sorts of exterior walls.  If you are a first-time client, we recommend you be home to discuss the timeframe and prices if there are changes, but it’s not required.  

    We also recommend that if you own pets, you be on site to comfort them while we work.  The sights and sounds we make while working could distress a pet alone inside the home.

    In most cases, it is best to have your walls cleaned every 12 months in Brisbane.  The wet and humid summers can promote mould and other growth that can attack your external walls and contribute to corrosion and rot.

    In the winter, the dry and windy conditions mean more particles, such as dust and dirt, in the air, which can also batter external walls.

    Of course, this depends on where you live and the materials used on the exterior walls.  If you live near a busy road with heavy traffic, your walls will quickly get covered with particles from exhausts. The particles could pose a significant health risk to your family without regular cleaning.

    If you have more questions about softwashing the external walls of your home in Brisbane, then contact us. 

    MKL Pressure Cleaning truck full of equipment

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    Our expert cleaning process is one of many differences from our competitors. You will also love the attention we put into our customer service, and it starts with a no-obligation, free quote.

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