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    Pressure Cleaning Acacia Ridge

    Acacia Ridge is predominantly an industrial estate. Cleaning of an industrial building should be a high priority, as it helps present your business in the best light. Clients can be very sensitive to cleanliness, especially if they are used to retail shopping. They notice if the windows are dirty, or the footpath is full of chewing gum, or if there’s graffiti on the side of the building. It immediately affects their opinion of your business. Performing regular cleaning on the outside of your building can help reduce the need for other maintenance issues.

    Acacia Ridge is also home to many residential buildings, and depending on your location or proximity to an industrial estate, your home may be affected by settling air pollution. Regular cleaning of your roof can aid in stopping problems caused by dirt accumulation, such as rusted or clogged guttering. Windows can also see heavy dust and dirt deposits, especially after periods of light rain. We recommend having the outside of your home professionally cleaned at least once every twelve months.

    Car Park Pressure Cleaning Acacia Ridge

    Industrial Maintenance Details

    House Washing Acacia Ridge

    At MKL, we use a mix of hot and cold pressure washing, depending on what we are cleaning. We are fully equipped to handle the toughest of stained driveways and the lightest touch needed to care for painted surfaces. 


    With most industrial areas, usually hard surfaces with deep staining (e.g. oil, grease, graffiti, and chewing gum), we use a higher pressure range with the water heated to around 120oC. With areas that require a softer approach, windows, painted surfaces (e.g. tennis courts) and vehicles, we generally use cold water under lower pressures.

    House Washing Details

    Having your own home is probably the biggest investment that people will make in their lives. It’s important to look after it properly, this includes general maintenance. Everything on the outside, just like the inside, should be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the proper equipment to clean a home safely.

    At MKL Pressure Cleaning, we have invested time and experience into providing a home washing service that does the job quickly and allows you to focus your time on other things.

    Residential properties are made up of many different materials, and all of these need to be treated differently. There is no one solution for all, so having a professional with the right equipment is important.

    When cleaning homes, we recommend that someone be home to check that there are no leaks in the windows, usually caused by faulty or blocked drainage holes. All outdoor equipment must be cleared and put away, and pets should be inside or secured on the property for their safety.

    Patios, Decks & Courtyards Pressure Cleaning



    The entertainment areas of homes need special care. When used less frequently, such as during the colder months, they can quickly become dirty and unpleasant.
    When left uncleaned, outdoor areas can become slippery, and you are at a high risk of injury, especially around areas like the BBQ (grease stains are notorious for this). Having these cleaned with high-pressure cleaners can quickly take care of any problems and return them to what they were originally.

    We recommend having outdoor entertainment areas professionally cleaned at least once every twelve months. It will help freshen up the area and make it a place that you want to use more often.

    Driveways & Paths


    MKL Pressure Cleaning has been cleaning driveways for many years, we are experts at getting the perfect finish on brick, concrete, stencilled, and painted driveways.

    With our equipment, we can adjust the pressure and the temperature of the water, so your driveway gets a proper clean while protecting the base material at the same time.

    The driveway is usually the first thing people notice about your home, and cleaning it will boost the curb appeal, perfect for when you’re getting an appraisal or selling your home!

    In addition to the cleaning, we recommend getting the driveway sealed, as this will help keep it looking fresh for longer, especially if you live in an area with a lot of tree cover or experience heavy rains.

    Acacia Ridge Concrete Cleaning

    The experts in cleaning concrete surfaces.

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      • 1We’re eco friendly

        Looking after our planet is very important to us, and that is why we are certified as an eco-friendly business.

      • 2Attention to Detail

        All of our operators are specially trained to excel in their job and look at the smallest details. That‘s why we’re the best!

      • 3Guaranteed Results

        With over 12 years of experience, getting results for our clients is at the top of our list. We’d love to work with you.

      Specialised Concrete Cleaning Services in Acacia Ridge

      MKL Pressure Cleaning has been concrete cleaning in Acacia Ridge for private and business owners for many years, successfully cleaning both big and small concrete items, including driveways, car parks, fences, walls, sporting courts and many other surfaces. Our concrete cleaning specialists in Acacia Ridge can fully remove dirt, dust and carbon build-up from your concrete surfaces, delivering top results at amazing, discounted rates.

      • About MKL Pressure Cleaning Acacia Ridge 

        MKL Pressure Cleaning is a family-owned business, we have been operating in the Brisbane area for over 12 years. We pride ourselves on producing quality work and are continually looking for ways to improve on our services and meet the needs of our clients. We believe every job is different and has its own challenges and special requirements; we aim to find solutions that work for you and your needs.

        At MKL, we believe there are three key points that set us apart from other companies:

        1. Environmentally Conscientious – we’re certified as eco-friendly and only use cleaning products that support our environment.
        2. Attention to Detail – our operators are highly trained and skilled at examining the job and spotting anything that may have been missed.
        3. Guaranteed Results – we’re not happy unless you’re happy; that’s our motto. We value our clients and seek to make you pleased with our work.

        We have extensive experience in all aspects of cleaning for residential and industrial buildings, and we are especially attuned to the needs of the areas in which we operate.

        Contact us now for pressure cleaning in Acacia Ridge or request your free quote on Pressure Cleaning Acacia Ridge.  

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        Our commitment to you
        • Our concrete cleaning specialist will have the knowledge and experience to clean all types of concrete surfaces.
        • We use eco-friendly cleaning products, protecting both your health and the environment.
        • We’re available 7 days a week and in the evenings for minimal business disruption.
        • We can fully remove carbon deposits, dirt and graffiti from various surfaces.
        • Our concrete cleaners will come fully equipped, insured, and prepared to clean any concrete surface.
        • All safety procedures are followed as per SWMS, and all MSDS are supplied for all chemicals used.


      The Best Carpark Cleaning Specialists in Acacia Ridge

      Carpark Cleaning Acacia Ridge

      We service all areas of Acacia Ridge with our car park cleaning services, you can rest assured your apartment, commercial and industrial car park will be left spotless and presentable. Take a look at our testimonials page to see the standard of service and the stunning level of cleanliness you can expect to receive from us.

      Car park Cleaning process

      We use various cleaning products, methods and equipment depending on the type of dirt, stains and flooring. We use pressure cleaning equipment to remove chewing gum and oil stains, whilst our team carry a range of environmentally-friendly cleaning products to remove a wide range of stains and to restore the cleanliness and colour of the car park’s flooring and walls.

      A high density of vehicles can make car park cleaning difficult. Therefore we offer a selection of appointments during non-business hours, including evenings and weekends, to enable us to access the car park whilst it is either empty or less busy. This allows us to clean the car park without worrying about causing damage to people’s vehicles and means that the end results will be more thorough.

      Why Use us for Car Park Cleaning in Acacia Ridge?

      The skills of our staff guarantee we will have your car park looking its best in the most efficient time possible. We will use a powerful water-efficient pressure cleaner to remove stubborn stains, dirt and dust. Keeping your car park clean will stop people from bringing in dirt and grease into the premises and keep it safe from people slipping on oil, grease and dirt.

      • Our car park cleaning service will save you time and money. No matter how big or small the area that needs cleaning is, we have the right skills and tools to get the job done right. Our professional pressure cleaners will use a highly effective jet-washing method to remove chewing gum, stains and dirt fully. And, to fit us into your busy schedule, we make sure you can choose from a range of booking hours, including weekdays, weekends and evenings, for the same price.

        You needn’t worry about your own or your customer’s health, as we use eco-friendly cleaning products as part of our ongoing policy to deliver environmentally safe services. And, when booking more than one service with our car park cleaning specialists, we will offer you lower prices. For example, combine driveway cleaning and wall and stair cleaning, and you’ll receive a great discount!

        We hot water pressure clean car parks for shopping centres, unit complexes, commercial premises, schools, hotels and motels.

        • Our car park cleaning specialist will have the knowledge and experience to clean all types of car parks.
        • We use eco-friendly cleaning products, protecting both your health and the environment.
        • We’re available 7 days a week and in the evenings for minimal business disruption.
        • We can fully remove carbon deposits, dirt and graffiti from various surfaces.
        • Our car park cleaners will come fully equipped with hot water pressure cleaners, fully insured with 20 mil liability and prepared to clean any concrete surface.

      At MKL Pressure Cleaning, we are a family-owned and operated business with 10 years of experience in all aspects of external cleaning in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, understanding that different markets have different requirements. We believe that understanding your specific needs is vital to delivering a successful service. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of residential and commercial industry high-pressure cleaning services. We know how important the maintenance of your professional image is to both you and your company. This provides you with everything you need to keep costs to a minimum whilst increasing your business’ efficiency and profitability. Attention to detail and reliability are what make our customers call upon our high-pressure cleaning services time and time again. We pride ourselves in offering you a straightforward service and an integrated cleaning solution for all your exterior surfaces.

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