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    Restore your home’s appearance with house washing Brisbane

    We provide the next-level standard of house washing Brisbane counts on to keep their homes looking lovely. External house washing will restore the cleanliness and appearance of the outside of your home. Our team are experts in creating a clean, flawless exterior, with no damage to your home’s paint.


    Brisbanes favourite house washing

    Bring your home back to life today

    From a new, modern house to a heritage-listed Queenslander — these homes will seriously benefit from external pressure cleaning. Bring your home back to life and create a vibrant exterior with our house washing service.

    Pressure washing is the most effective way to get rid of the build-up of dust and debris outside your home, without chipping the paint or causing any damage from chemicals or force.

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    We are always striving for customer satisfaction and we deliver extremely high quality detailed services at excellent prices.

    How our Brisbane house washing benefits you

    House washing ensures the cleanliness of your home while improving its appearance. Here’s how house pressure cleaning can help you and improve your home.

    • Make your home look good as new

      Pressure washing removes all the dust, debris, and dirt that’s built up on your house’s exterior. By washing all this away, we create a home that looks as good as brand new.

    • Avoid costly repainting

      Often homeowners can assume their home’s exterior is past the point of repair and opt to re-paint their house instead. This is really costly and often unnecessary as pressure cleaning will be effective.

    • Increase the street appeal of your home

      You’ll feel so much better pulling up in the driveway of your sparkling clean home. Pressure washing your home can increase the street appeal of your home and give your neighbours a perfect first impression.

    • Increase resale value

      The exterior of your home impacts its resale value more than you think. Have your home’s exterior surface pressure cleaned and secure a higher asking price when it comes time to sell.

    Why choose MKL for your house washing

    We’re eco friendly

    Looking after the planet is a massive priority to us and a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We’re a certified, eco-friendly business.

    Attention to Detail

    Each of our operators is specially trained to excel in their job. We train our team to look at all of the smallest details and ensure a comprehensive cleaning service time and time again.

    Guaranteed Results From Your House Washing

    We guarantee results in our house washing service. With more than 12-years of experience under our belts, we’re well-equipped to get you the results you need.

    We’re specialists in maintaining your home

    Your house is the largest financial investment you’ll make. So, if you own your own home, it’s so important to look after it. One way you should be caring for your home is by having it washed regularly. Keeping your house and property clean and tidy doesn’t just boost your street appeal, but it maintains and in some cases, boosts your home’s resale value.

    Pressure cleaning and house washing also offer you excellent value. We’re a professional cleaning team with a variety of different, eco-friendly and safe chemicals on hand and the required training to offer a quality cleaning service. So, by partnering with us, you’ll save hours and hours of scrubbing and mixing cleaning concoctions for your home.

    Preserve your home and paint

    Leaving dirt, dust, mould or debris on your house will cause the paint and woodwork to decay. This usually leads to a more frequent need for re-painting, which becomes really costly. By having your house pressure washed yearly, you can actually save money in the long run.

    Our house washing process

    • Check around the home

      We’ll check around the home to make sure any pets and their feeding bowls are inside.

    • Protect any electrical fittings

      All electrical fittings and lights that may be affected by water are covered up and protected

    • Ensure towels are under doors and entries

      We’ll ask you to put towels under any doors and windows in case they don’t have weather strips. This is especially important for old post-war and Queenslander homes.

    • Chemical Spray

      We’ll spray our specially formulated chemical on the exterior of the house for easier removal of any stubborn dirt, debris, or mould.

    • Scrub Down

      Using a scrubbing brush or broom, we’ll scrub down any areas that are extra dirty.

    • Thorough Rinse

      We’ll thoroughly rinse the house thoroughly with a soft pressure spray.

    • Quality Assurance Check

      We’ll check over the entirety of the cleaned area with a close eye for detail to ensure we haven’t missed anything.

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    We are always striving for customer satisfaction and we deliver extremely high quality detailed services at excellent prices.

    Why can’t I just pressure clean my house myself?

    Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as heading down to Bunnings and buying a cheap pressure cleaner. To remove all that dirt, debris, and mould, we actually use professional-grade chemicals to break through stubborn marks and stains.

    As well as having these professional-grade cleaners, we’re qualified in their use. It means we know all the safety, environmental, and health considerations with each chemical, how to mix the chemical, and how and where to use the chemical safely.

    We also have the professional knowledge and experience to know where we can safely spray and where we will be better off cleaning by hand. It’s our job to avoid electrical fittings, outlets, alarms, and at-risk items. We’re also backed with insurance, in the instance something does go wrong, meaning you’re always protected.


    Attention to detail & the greatest care for your home

    We’re here to maintain your home and bring out the best in it. So, we provide the closest attention to detail in every clean we provide. Our team provides a thorough and second-to-none house washing service. When we’ve finished washing your house, we’ll inspect it all over for quality insurance. If we notice we’ve missed a spot, we’ll rectify it on the spot.

    We come with the greatest care and consideration for your home as well. Our team ensures we always use the right equipment and chemicals for your house’s materials and paints. We take extra care to ensure all your electrical outlets and fittings are covered, any items that may be damaged are stored away, and we’ll ensure no water can leak through your doors or windows.


    Our pressure cleaning services

    We’re experts in house washing, but our pressure cleaning services extend to more than just the exterior of your house. Our team can pressure wash your driveway, gutters, roof, garage, pool area, and even your patio or balcony. We’ll come equipped with the right chemicals for these surfaces as well.

    • Driveway cleaning

      Tyre marks or a general build-up of debris, we’re able to restore concrete and paved driveways to their former, cleaner glory with our concrete cleaning equipment.

    • Gutter cleaning

      Cleaning your house’s gutters is a pesky chore and a pretty difficult one. Our team has the right equipment to get this done thoroughly for you.

    • Roof cleaning

      Having your roof cleaned can increase your home’s street appeal and prolong the life of its materials. We have the right equipment to clean your roof thoroughly.

    • Garage cleaning

      Garages tend to get a build-up of dirt, debris, and dust, mixed with tyre marks and stains from coolants and oils. Our team has the equipment and chemicals to easily lift these marks and provide you with a like-new garage.

    • Pool area cleaning

      Pool areas and their concrete and pavement can become dirty over time. Dirt, debris, and mould tend to pop up in these areas. Our team uses a combination of professional chemicals, pressure cleaning, and technique to lift these stains.

    • Patio & balcony cleaning

      Patios and balconies feel like extensions of your home, but they’re constantly exposed to the dust and dirt carried by the wind. These spaces can feel impossible to clean, but our team gets it done through the use of the right chemicals and pressure cleaning.

    What is Softwash, You Ask??

    Whether it’s an apartment complex, a block of units, or a tenant’s house, we can provide a tailored house cleaning service to real estates and body corporates. We partner with you to provide all the services you need to keep your properties looking amazing. Rely on our team to maintain your other common body corporate areas. From shared garages and car parks to gutters, balconies, and roof cleaning.

    Get in touch with our team to organise a quote for ongoing, scheduled maintenance of your properties.

    What is Softwash, You Ask??

    Taking on all aspects of external house cleaning, our team is the reliable choice for house washing services. We’re highly experienced and highly trained across all external cleaning and pressure cleaning. Our team is trained and certified in their use of chemicals and our equipment. We also ensure our team is equipped with the most robust cleaning equipment possible.

    We’re proud of the attention to detail and reliability we show through each and every cleaning project we’re assigned. We can’t wait to work with you to restore your home through our second-to-none house cleaning service.

    Our Commitment To You When Providing House Washing Services in Brisbane

    Our team is so committed to providing you with a high quality and professional cleaning service. Here’s our commitment to you:

    • Our house washing specialist will arrive with the knowledge and experience to clean all types of concrete surfaces
    • We use eco-friendly cleaning products, ensuring we’re protecting both your health and the environment
    • We’re available 7 days a week and in the evenings so you can maintain your business, with minimal disruption
    • We can fully remove carbon deposits, dirt and graffiti from a variety of surfaces
    • Our house washers will come fully equipped, fully insured and prepared to clean any concrete surface.
    • All safety procedures followed as per SWMS and all MSDS supplied for all chemicals used.

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    We are always striving for customer satisfaction and we deliver extremely high quality detailed services at excellent prices.