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    The Best Graffiti Removal Specialists in Brisbane

    Graffiti is still a real problem for business and commercial property owners throughout Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast . Not only does it take away from the value of your company or business, it’s also invasive and takes away your sense of security. The worst part of graffiti is that it reflects poorly on you, and you’re not even the person who did it. Customers and clients will make generalizations and become less likely to venture into your place of business. Graffiti is usually an unsightly and unwelcome defacement of any property. It’s a real shame. But fear not, because MKL Pressure Cleaning can take care of graffiti removal in Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast.

    Getting rid of graffiti in the most swift way possible is a business and commercial property owner’s best line of defense against experiencing a variety of negative consequences. Removing it quickly is also the best possible deterrent in keeping it away, because graffiti artists will be less likely to express themselves on a canvas if their work is erased without a trace in hasty fashion. MKL Pressure Cleaning has the right chemicals and pressure cleaning equipment that has the precision to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces. Brick walls, concrete surfaces and even painted surfaces. We employ effective techniques carefully to ensure the wellbeing of your exterior surfaces.

    The best answer to a graffiti problem is to disengage with it. Get rid of any blemishes and defacements of your valued commercial property and business. MKL offers premier graffiti removal throughout Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast. Call today for your free quote.


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    • We use eco-friendly cleaning products, protecting both your health and the environment
    • We’re available 7 days a week and in the evenings for minimal disruption to businesses
    • We can fully remove carbon deposits, dirt and graffiti from a variety of surfaces
    • Our graffiti removal will come fully equipped, fully insured and prepared to clean any concrete surface.
    • All safety procedures followed as per swms and all msds supplied for all chemicals used.
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