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Our technical know-how and years of experience make us experts in exterior house washing

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    Restore your home with a detailed house-washing service

    We are experts in exterior house cleaning on the Gold Coast using soft washing techniques and the latest eco-friendly cleaning solutions and technology. Our commitment to service excellence ensures your Gold Coast home looks and feels refreshed while helping to prolong the effectiveness of your exterior surfaces.


    Refresh the look of your home with an exterior house washing

    Gold Coast properties face harsh, hot and wet summers and dry, dusty winters, so exterior surfaces take a beating. You can refresh your home and bring back its vibrancy with external house cleaning services using a soft wash technique to ensure your exterior paint is not damaged.

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    The core of our business is customer satisfaction. So, no matter where you live on the Gold Coast, we offer a free quote and assessment to ensure you get value from our house washing service.

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    What a house cleaning does for you

    • Refreshes your house to its very best

      Our house washing technique returns the sparkle to your home, so it looks as good as new.

    • Reduce wear to exterior surfaces

      Dirt, mould, carbon deposits, and debris don’t just look bad; they attack the exterior surfaces of your home and can cause significant damage that requires expensive repair jobs.

    • Saves money in repairs and repaints

      Soft washing your home’s exterior services adds life to surfaces. A clean can also identify areas that could become significant problems and cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

    • Increases the resale value of your home

      When you are trying to sell your home, the first impression counts. House washing is a great way to give the outside of your home some sparkle and attract the right kind of attention.

    Why our Gold Coast house washing is the right choice

    Professional cleaners and customer service

    We have highly qualified and proven professionals at every house cleaning job on the Gold Coast. Our cleaners have the expertise and experience to clean your house as effectively and efficiently as possible.

    Proven house washing techniques

    Our soft-washing techniques are the gold standard in the house cleaning industry. We use low-pressure washing and cleaning techniques with a biodegradable solution that lifts dirt and debris while leaving exterior house surfaces unaffected. The soft washing technique guarantees a clean finish without damaging the integrity of your home’s exterior surfaces.

    Use eco-friendly cleaning solutions

    The key to soft washing your home is using the proper cleaning solutions for the best results for your home and the environment. Our robust biodegradable chemicals can lift the toughest dirt, mould and debris, but they are soft on surfaces and the environment.

    We have vast experience in house washing on the Gold Coast

    When deciding on house washing techniques, the surface type, condition, and the environment are all factors. When you have a cleaner with experience and expertise in house washing on the Gold Coast, these decisions become easy.  

    A professional is essential on the Gold Coast because homes in every area, from Nerang to Burleigh, need different attention. Salt particles affect homes close to the coast more, while inland, mould and moisture significantly threaten exterior surfaces.

    An expert in exterior house pressure washing can identify the issues, tell you what to expect, and identify what might be causing unexpected problems. A house cleaning from our experts includes an inspection, like a skin check, for your Gold Coast home.

    MKL Pressure Cleaning truck full of equipment

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    A free quote will give you peace of mind that you will get value for money when using us to clean the exterior of your Gold Coast home. It’s all part of our superior customer service and satisfaction guarantee.

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    Our step-by-step house-washing process

    • Inspect exterior and external surfaces

      Taking a look might seem an obvious first step, but there is a difference between simply checking the surfaces and having an exterior-surface cleaning professional inspect them.

    • Protect any electrical fittings

      We protect electrical fittings to ensure any pressure cleaning won’t damage exposed electrical fittings that are not designed to get wet.

    • Water seal doors and windows

      All entries are inspected. Towels are placed in door slits, pet doors, and around unsealed windows to ensure no water or cleaning solution gets into your home.

    • Cleaning solution spray

      The biodegradable chemical is applied around the home’s exterior walls, with particular attention paid to areas heavily affected by mould, dirt, dust, and debris.

    • Scrum down

      Our cleaners identify areas that are extra dirty or affected by mould and will scrub them down with brushes.

    • Rinse

      We use a soft pressure spray to rinse off all the solution along with the mould, debris and dust it has lifted.

    • Final inspection

      A final inspection is needed to ensure that we have delivered our cleaning promise and to our customers’ satisfaction.

    Why can’t I do a house pressure cleaning myself?

    The professional cleaning chemicals we use are necessary for effective soft washing of exterior walls. Simply using a garden hose to spray the wall is ineffective, and using a high-pressure cleaning rig could lead to significant damage and expose your exterior surfaces to more accelerated damage from moisture and dirt getting into your walls.

    Along with our thorough cleaning, we are also experts in cleaning Gold Coast properties. We know what to look out for to prevent damage to different surfaces.

    For a successful house pressure washing service, you need a professional who knows when and where to hand clean and where pressure cleaning is appropriate.

    Other pressure cleaning services

    We deliver a pressure washing service on the Gold Coast, so we have the skills for services where pressure washing is needed.

    • Driveway cleaning

      We have the pressure washing tools to clean brick and concrete driveways and ensure they don’t pose a hazard to you or your family. Concrete driveways on the Gold Coast attract mould and slimes during the wet season, so an annual clean can do wonders.

    • Gutter cleaning

      A clean gutter ensures that drainage from your roof works effectively. Blocked gutters not only cause rusting and damage to roofing and gutters, but the litter in gutters also increases the fire risk around your home.

    • Roof cleaning

      Roofs on Gold Coast properties take beatings, and a roof cleaning can add years to their life. Our professional cleaners are certified to work at heights, so you can ensure your roof gets cleaned while maintaining the highest safety standards.

    • Garage cleaning

      Oil, rubber marks, and other chemical leaks can make your garage messy. Our high-pressure cleaning will restore it to its very best.

    • Pool area cleaning

      A pool is a common sight on a Gold Coast property. To keep your pool looking good and a safe place to play, you need regular high-pressure pool cleaning to remove slime and mould that can build up on surfaces around damp areas.

    • Patio & balcony cleaning

      Our Gold Coast lifestyles include a lot of outdoor living and entertaining on a patio or balcony. Our high-pressure washing ensures your outdoor areas will be welcoming and look good.

    Man washing a house in Brisbane

    What is soft washing?

    You don’t want to use high-pressure house washing on your home when there is a risk that the process will cause damage. Low-pressure washing helps protect your home by removing debris, mould and dirt and protecting it through careful and professional house washing services.

    Soft washing uses techniques and cleaning solutions designed to carefully remove damaging particles without high-pressure washing to blast off dirt and grim, which can also damage soft surfaces and paints. This house-washing process is vital on the Gold Coast, where exterior paints must maintain integrity against the elements.

    Our service commitment to homeowners in Gold Coast

    • We will always have an experienced cleaner on site to clean the exterior of your house on the Gold Coast.
    • We will be available and able to deliver cleaning services anytime, seven days a week, at a time that suits your schedule.
    • Our fully insured house washers will have all the necessary equipment to get the job done.
    • We can remove almost any pollutants, including carbon deposits and graffiti, off any surface.
    • Our cleaning team will follow all safety standards and requirements to the industry’s expectations and governing bodies.
    • We will only use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions around your home.

    Frequently asked question

    In Brisbane, washing a small to medium-sized house could take two to four hours, depending on the cleaning regimen. The environfment of South East Queensland can promote mould growth on some surfaces, making it more time-consuming to remove effectively.

    At MKL Pressure Cleaning, we can give you an accurate time frame for house washing in Brisbane once we are given the home size and the condition and make of the external walls.

    High-pressure water is used in manufacturing to cut through metal.  We don’t use anywhere near that pressure in house washing in Brisbane, but there is the potential to damage walls if you don’t know what you are doing.  You should never try high-pressure washing of your home yourself; instead, hire a professional such as MKL Pressure Cleaning.

    We know what to look for and can adjust pressure and technique accordingly.  Regular cleaning can also extend the life of your external walls by removing corrosive pollutants.  Finally, regular washing  of the wall can reveal any damage to your wall before they become expensive repairs, such as wood rot.

    At MKL Pressure Cleaning, we have a flat hourly rate for washing houses in Brisbane.  There are no hidden fees and you get an up front and clear cost before we get started.  The cost depends on the size of the home and the condition of the external walls.

    You can get a quick, free and no-obligation quote right now.

    No.  We only require access to water.  So if your taps are behind a locked gate, you need to have them unlocked while we are on-site to clean your external walls. 

    No.  We have the experience, and have seen all sorts of exterior walls.  If you are a first-time client, we recommend you be home to discuss the timeframe and prices if there are changes, but it’s not required.  

    We also recommend that if you own pets, you be on site to comfort them while we work.  The sights and sounds we make while working could distress a pet alone inside the home.

    In most cases, it is best to have your walls cleaned every 12 months in Brisbane.  The wet and humid summers can promote mould and other growth that can attack your external walls and contribute to corrosion and rot.

    In the winter, the dry and windy conditions mean more particles, such as dust and dirt, in the air, which can also batter external walls.

    Of course, this depends on where you live and the materials used on the exterior walls.  If you live near a busy road with heavy traffic, your walls will quickly get covered with particles from exhausts. The particles could pose a significant health risk to your family without regular cleaning.

    If you have more questions about softwashing the external walls of your home in Brisbane, then contact us. 

    MKL Pressure Cleaning truck full of equipment

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    The core of our business is customer satisfaction. So, no matter where you live on the Gold Coast, we offer a free quote and assessment to ensure you get value from our house washing service.

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