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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Pressure Cleaning Company in Brisbane 

professional using pressure cleaning to clean domestic bricks - MKL Pressure cleanersNo matter the strength of your products and elbow grease, you will rarely come close to seeing the results that a pressure wash will yield. Over time dirty, gunk and oil build up every surface, from concrete driveways and footpaths, to the exterior of your home and roof. To effectively and safely remove grime and set in stains you really need to hire a professional contractor.

But how do you know that they’re really the best?

Pressure cleaning can work magic on dirty surfaces. However, in the wrong hands mild to sever damage can be caused.

Choosing the right pressure cleaning company is essential. Here are five simple question to ask every contractor before you make your decision.

1. Are They Insured?

Pressure cleaning can be dangerous, for both the operator and the area being cleaned. The equipment can be very powerful which is risky for the operator. While the wrong chemical concentration or pressure level can damage the surface.

All professional pressure cleaners should have liability insurance at the very least. Insurance is assurance that should something go wrong on the account of poor operation, you wont be the one to foot the bill.

Naturally, however, you don’t want something to go wrong in the first place. So while insurance offers a peace of mind, you want to know that it is unlikely to happen in the first place. That’s why the following questions are important.

2. How Much Experience Do They Have?

As with everything, the more experience the better. But just how much experience is reliable? Ideally, you will hire the operator with upwards of 10years experience. However, around 5years is okay too.

Pressure cleaning isn’t always an exact science. Operators need to know how their equipment works, how their chemicals work, and how they work together on the differing surfaces they face.

Should a pressure cleaner use the wrong level of pressure, too much, or the wrong chemical on your home or commercial building then damage to the surface can occur. For external surface, the outer layer of paint is specially formulated to protect the material underneath. Should a pressure cleaner use too much stripping chemicals or too high pressure they will damage this layer. Ultimately, exposing the outer structure to weather and damage.

3. What’s Their Pressue Cleaning Process?

There are some standards to pressure cleaning, some best practices which achieve the best results. However, that doesn’t mean every operator uses the same practice rules.

There is nothing inherently wrong with using an alternative method. Perhaps for the chemicals they use this process achieves the best results.

Taking a moment to ask exactly how they do what they do will give you an understanding of what to expect.

You can also use this information to compare the different companies you speak to.

4. Chemicals

Some pressure cleaners say their magic is in the chemicals they use. This may very well be true.

Knowing what chemicals they will use, is much like knowing their process. It is simply a means to arm you with the most information to make an informed decision.

Should you have any aversions to certain chemicals this is the time to ask about them, or find out why they choose to use the. Or to see if they offer any alternatives.

5. Guarantee

Last but not least, do they guarantee their work? This is the final seal of assurance, a token offering for your peace of mind. Knowing that they believe in their work, and you should too.

A guarantee is a sign of confidence, and ultimately that is what you need. A company is sure they have the experience and knowledge to tackle any job you give them.

Professional pressure cleaners can bring almost any surface back to life. From domestic house exteriors, roofs and driveways, to commercial properties, and tennis courts. Finding the right one, however, can take diligence.

Shop around, ask the above questions and compare the competition. The team at MKL are confident they will not just meet but beat your expectations. With 19years experience and testimonials from new and loyal customers, they are Brisbane’s favourite pressure cleaners.

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